View Planes Explained

While the Nova Centre designs are not finalized until after the public engagement program, this shows where the development site is located in relation to the views planes and considerations it must take to respect them. The building as depicted in these images does in any way represent the design of Nova Centre, it is purely to show the mass and height restrictions.

A Brief History of View Planes Protection in Halifax

The idea of establishing protected views from Citadel Hill arose in the late 1960s, when developments such as Scotia Square, Citadel Inn, the CIBC building and Maritime Centre began challenging the traditional low-rise character of downtown Halifax.  A two-year process of proposal, counter-proposal, debate and compromise led finally, in January 1974, to a vote in council on the protection of certain defined, unobstructed view planes.

This proposal received strong and vocal support at the time from many organizations.  Notable among these were Parks Canada, the Downtown Committee, the Old South End Community Association, the Ecology Action Centre and Heritage Trust.

Council approved the adoption of 10 protected views.  Since being incorporated into Halifax’s Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw, there has been no exception or compromise made to the view plane rules.

View plane map

Max heights

July 26 Event Slides

October Update – What we’ve heard from the public engagements

Over the summer we’ve been asking what you want to see in Nova Centre -including vision, public space, and streetscape. We’ve held a number of public engagement sessions in Halifax and across Nova Scotia, had pop-up engagements on the street, and  have collected feedback online. We’ve gathered these ideas and put together a graphic to illustrate the main themes. The developer has taken this feedback into account in the initial building designs which we’ll be sharing for the first time tomorrow.

Join us October 3 at Pier 21 to be a part of the discussion.

Click below to enlarge, or download a PDF.