Lunenburg Area

When: September 19, 2012 — 2 - 4pm

Where: Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, 68 Bluenose Drive - Lunenburg

Purpose: How can Nova Scotia’s Convention Centre benefit you and your community?

Our aspiration is for the Nova Centre and the new convention centre to benefit all Nova Scotians. Join in the engagement to tell us how to make the most of this opportunity for people in your region of the province. Some questions we will be exploring:

  • How can this building reflect a compelling and powerful vision for all of Nova Scotia?
  • What can we do to showcase different regions in the heart of our capital city?
  • How can we best draw visitors to your region of the province from Halifax?
  • How can more convention delegates and events create new opportunities for businesses in your region?

Nova Centre Provincial Engagement – Lunenburg Area

The Nova Centre public engagement team invited stakeholders and members of the public from the Lunenburg regions to our provincial conversations around Nova Centre and the convention centre. Our purpose was to:

  • Gather input on how communities across the province can benefit from Nova Centre and the new convention centre
  • Discuss how this development creates new opportunities for industries such as tourism, events and creative sectors
  • Get ideas about how we can reflect the best of Nova Scotia in this new development

Nova Centre developer, Joe Ramia welcomed us via a recorded video message taped earlier in the morning and shared his vision for Nova Centre to connect Nova Scotia. Rachel Derrah from the public engagement collaborative introduced the meeting agenda and spoke to the opportunity of the engagement. The session offered concrete feedback on the Nova Centre development, and fostered culture of working together in Nova Scotia for the future of the Province.

In pairs, we took a moment to discuss: What has been your best experience of an urban development making a positive impact across a region?

We heard in response:

  • Halifax Infirmary
  • Regional Transit Hub
  • Go Train to smaller communities- regeneration
  • Public transit, safe, friendly, accessible

Participants were then invited to talk at their tables about: How can Nova Centre reflect a compelling vision for all of Nova Scotia?

The themes that we heard were:

Connectivity and Transit Opportunities

  • Boston, Portland, Yarmouth, South Shore, Halifax
  • Longer (week +) foot, bike, motorcycle, bus cruise ship, traffic
  • Regional/tourist transit provided or organized by hotels, venues, attractions


  • Connect to local values, rooted in the land and sea

Positive Impression

  • Looks good on the outside
  • Is an experience inside
  • For return visitors

Rooftop Garden

  • Used in the menu “Chef is just grabbing some dill for tonight’s sauce”

Past and Future

  • Welcoming and visionary
  • A symbol of where we are going – modern!

Sale Opportunity

  • Smaller conferences

Next we discussed: How would we like to interact with Nova Centre and the convention centre?

Showcasing Nova Scotia

  • Visitor concierge, travel counselor, agents
  • Transportation options to offer to delegates
  • Booths for chefs to showcase Nova Scotia cuisine


  • Virtual tour through interactive panels and maps
  • Knowledge sharing and mindset with distance/open minded about off the beaten track
  • Technology – interactive planner smart phones, QR codes
  • Artisans sharing work and stories
  • Culinary adventure tour

Our Culture and Heritage

  • Local artists and local stories
  • Leaders that instigate travel across the province


  • Wiring Nova Scotia, build infrastructure, graphically base living wiki to aggregate information
  • “Art Wall”, live gallery screens, barcodes, mapping, remote access
  • Open busking space, global jams, diverse genres showing our rich culture

Helping Businesses Grow

  • Let’s say it and do it
  • Artisan exposure/takeaways
  • Technology – capture and distribute


  • Build local business into the sale on the event
  • Blow our own horn! Be bold about making Nova Scotia businesses visible
  • Engage and challenge NS businesses to find events to come here
  • Gateway, sincere, simple, low latency
  • The whole province becomes the convention centre (people participate online from other venues, etc.)

Marguerite visually captured the entire meeting and Craig live streamed the meeting. Charlie Wilson and Jude Pelley played music as people arrived and during discussions. This gathering generated many concrete suggestions that will inform decision makers about how Nova Centre and the convention centre will impact the whole province.