Wolfville Area

When: September 12, 2012 — 2 - 4pm

Where: Clark Commons, Acadia University, 35 University Avenue - Wolfville

Purpose: How can Nova Scotia’s Convention Centre benefit you and your community?


Our aspiration is for the Nova Centre and the new convention centre to benefit all Nova Scotians. Join in the engagement to tell us how to make the most of this opportunity for people in your region of the province. Some questions we will be exploring:

  • How can this building reflect a compelling and powerful vision for all of Nova Scotia?
  • What can we do to showcase different regions in the heart of our capital city?
  • How can we best draw visitors to your region of the province from Halifax?
  • How can more convention delegates and events create new opportunities for businesses in your region?

Nova Centre Provincial Engagement – Wolfville Area

The Nova Centre public engagement team invited stakeholders and members of the public from the Wolfville and Valley regions to our provincial conversations around Nova Centre and the convention centre. Our purpose was to:

  • Gather input on how communities across the province can benefit from Nova Centre and the new convention centre
  • Discuss how this development creates new opportunities for industries such as tourism, events and creative sectors
  • Get ideas about how we can reflect the best of Nova Scotia in this new development

Nova Centre developer, Joe Ramia welcomed us and shared his vision for Nova Centre to connect Nova Scotia. He introduced Rachel Derrah from the public engagement collaborative, who introduced the public engagement collaborative, the meeting agenda and spoke to the opportunity the session offered to give concrete feedback on the development.

In pairs, we took a moment to discuss: What has been your best experience of an urban development making a positive impact across a region?

We heard in response:

  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Pier 21
  • Canada Games Centre
  • Skating Oval
  • New Minas – Soccer Capital

We then invited participants to talk at their tables about: How can Nova Centre reflect a compelling vision for all of Nova Scotia?

The themes that we heard were:

Green Space

  • Showcasing native plants

Authentic Location

  • Multisensory experience
  • Showcase local products and experiences

Showcase Innovation

  • Research and development

Use the History of the Site

  • Artifacts from the archeological dig

Respect Local Heritage

  • Not interfering with the view plane

Nova Scotia as a Symbol of Convergence

  • Design of the flag

Exhibition Space

  • Showcasing and connecting with Nova Scotia university campuses

Gathering and Celebration Space

  • Feasts and other celebrations

Next we discussed: How would we like to interact with Nova Centre and the convention centre?

Showcasing Nova Scotia

  • Concierge, visitor centre, ambassadors for each conference
  • Coordination, connectivity, creative communication
  • Central location for communication with delegates


  • Authentic product in the building – native plants, local food
  • Volunteer program, visitor information centre in the Nova Centre
  • Way to communicate with users consistently pre-visit (what is offered)
  • Sharing what existing channels of communication are – then improve
  • Small business partnering to create packages and experiences

Our Culture and Heritage

  • Friendly concierge
  • Permeable space that spills onto the street
  • Smart technology



  • Local food, healthy focus
  • Lobby as a performing/busking space
  • Hospitality, human touch (regional ambassadors)
  • Using the Nova Scotia flag as a symbol – floor plan
  • Showcasing the past to propel towards the future


Helping Businesses Grow

  • Efforts need to be integrated better
  • More staff to make these connections
  • Local food



  • Start these connections now – we don’t need a new building to do that
  • Grow capacity to offer local food
  • Alignment within event industry across Nova Scotia
  • Periodically bring in provincial government “front line” workers to work with Trade Centre Limited


Marguerite visually captured the entire meeting and Craig live streamed the meeting. Nelly Chen played music as people arrived and during discussions. This gathering generated many concrete suggestions that will inform decision makers about how Nova Centre and the convention centre can impact the whole province.