New Glasgow Area

When: August 28, 2012 — 2 - 4pm

Where: Museum of Industry 147 North Foord Street - Stellarton

Purpose: How can Nova Scotia’s Convention Centre benefit you and your community?


Our aspiration is for the Nova Centre and the new convention centre to benefit all Nova Scotians. Join in the engagement to tell us how to make the most of this opportunity for people in your region of the province. Some questions we will be exploring:

  • How can this building reflect a compelling and powerful vision for all of Nova Scotia?
  • What can we do to showcase different regions in the heart of our capital city?
  • How can we best draw visitors to your region of the province from Halifax?
  • How can more convention delegates and events create new opportunities for businesses in your region?

The Nova Centre public engagement team invited stakeholders and members of the public from the Pictou – Antigonish regions to our provincial conversations around Nova Centre and the convention centre. Our purpose was to:

  • Gather input on how communities across the province can benefit from Nova Centre and the new convention centre
  • Discuss how this development creates new opportunities for industries such as tourism, events and creative sectors
  • Get ideas about how we can reflect the best of Nova Scotia in this new development

We had a small turn out in New Glasgow and sat together to share our perspectives on Nova Centre and the convention centre. We had an intimate and productive conversation beginning with hearing from everyone around the table.

We heard interest around these areas:

  • Use of structural steel in the building
  • Creative engagement and public art
  • Can Nova Scotia replicate architecture from other places – could we do something different this time (cutting edge)?
  • How do we break out of silos and work together?
  • Partnership with the museum of Industry
  • Economic impact of Nova Centre and relationship to the overall Nova Scotia tourism strategy
  • Creating a culture change around problem solving
  • How can Nova Centre connect Nova Scotia?
  • Informing local citizens about the process through reporting
  • How does urban development have ripples?
  • Nova Scotia has a “real people” – an experience that is sought in the world
  • How can we strengthen local communities across Nova Scotia

The conversation went on to surface these themes: 


  • Visitor centre
  • Greeters in the building to show the human element
  • Interaction between convention delegates and the public – in the building and beyond
  • Flow between the convention centre and other Halifax and provincial destinations
  • Connectivity not just through municipalities but also other networks
  • What does Nova Scotia as a whole have to offer?


  • How can the government support groups across the province re: developing
  • Marketing materials and strategy for Nova Centre public space
  • How can we work with partners to learn what has worked in the past?
  • Highlight and champion sectors working together on events and conferences
  • Can we defragment Nova Scotia?


  • Interest in the mix of old/historic and new/contemporary
  • Creating an experience
  • Windows the become multimedia surfaces
  • Sidewalk glass canopy
  • Unity of presentation
  • Go beyond Nova Scotian cliché

We then went around to hear final thoughts before departing:

  • Connecting together for local exposure
  • Not much talk about the effect in Pictou County
  • Nova Centre can have an effect on rural areas
  • Use public space to inspire people
  • Ideas and business organizations and empowered to participate when they are given resources
  • Always learning by listening at these events
  • Public space can be dynamic and creates an opportunity to bring things together and showcase our strengths
  • The scorecard for the convention centre needs to include rural impact to evaluate the benefits
  • Simple, normal and human – people talking together brings brilliance
  • Change can happen when we are not working in isolation
  • Defragmentation – how does it happen and how do we measure it?
  • Leadership coming from community attracts support – it becomes more apparent and we can leverage that
  • Thank you for inviting the provincial public into opportunities for partnerships
  • Connection – Halifax is in segments
  • Thank you to Scott and Joe for coming, refreshing and unexpected
  • Nova Centre is a unique opportunity and we should make it unique

Marguerite visually captured the entire meeting and Craig live streamed the meeting. Jenny MacDonald played music as people arrived and at the end. This gathering generated suggestions that will inform decision makers about how Nova Centre and the convention centre will impact the whole province.