What is the Nova Centre?

The Nova Centre is the largest integrated development project undertaken in Nova Scotia’s history. A convention centre is just one element of the Nova Centre (learn more about the convention centre). Nova Centre is a one million square feet mixed use development that will transform two city blocks, bordered by Argyle, Prince, Sackville and Market Streets, into a financial centre, luxury hotel, residences, retail and entertainment amenities and a convention centre, and public space in the heart of Atlantic Canada’s hub city.

Why Public Engagement?

Because this project will have a significant impact on our city and province, it is important to hear from many people and multiple perspectives across Nova Scotia and HRM. This public engagement program is a highly responsive and participatory interface to engage people around things they can influence, and be clear about what they cannot influence.

Conversations begin this summer to discover our community’s visions and principles for the look and feel of Nova Centre. There are many ways to engage face to face as well as online.

Public Engagement Principles
a. Establish and inspire trust
b. Provide clear expectations on what can be changed and what cannot
c. Build civic pride and enthusiasm
d. Make visible the full spectrum of public opinion
e. Engage a broad and diverse demographic and geography

Project Elements Seeking Public Influence

  • Overall look and feel of Nova Centre
  • Public use space
  • Street scape

While core components of the centre are defined, as in the size and height of the development, there will be a comprehensive public consultation process to identify what Nova Scotians want to see in this new mixed-use facility in the heart of Halifax, particularly around the public space, streetscape, look and feel of the centre and what the Centre says about Nova Scotians.

How to Engage

There are multiple opportunities to participate online and offline, including: participatory community gatherings in Halifax and across Nova Scotia, pop-up public space dialogues, social media conversations and online live-streaming of gatherings. This website will act as a platform to make public opinion visible throughout the process and provide key information to inform public dialogue and a schedule of engagement events and activities.

For full schedule of events click here.

If you can’t make it to a scheduled event, you can watch events livestreamed at BuildYourCentre.ca. Also watch for street teams gathering feedback – check out what’s been happening in the photo gallery.